Poetry, Where Am I Published?

Cassius in Subtopian Magazine

CassiusA poem about parasites and ideals appears in Subtopian magazine, Vol. 3 [April 2012]. More stuff slated to appear in Subtopian soon, they’re a great new publication based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aside from being very in tune with the content–“Work must describe the in-between nature of modern society, the sub-par sensation that hides behind the routine of every day life, that feeling that we’re all waiting for what comes next…dreaming of utopia and expecting dystopia. …write about how the subtopian society will change into a better or worse version of itself. “–the design elements of the magazine are right up my alley as well. My novelette about a very absurd little subtopian world will make its appearance here next month. Glad to be a part of this pub–great people, art, and stories. Cheers guys.

– Corin