A bit of poetry for you today…

Cranberry bark extract
1000 milligrams and sleep for 2 to 7 days

60 reps
10 laps
90 minutes and rest for 10 to 20
5 days a week and sleep for 1 to 6 days

Ten Hail Marys
One Our Father
Begging on your knees, face to the ground
Wait for the miracle and sleep for 0 to 5 days

Breathe in
Breathe out: 1 – 2 -3 – 4
Warrior One and Ayurvedic tea
Slow down as often as possible and sleep for -1 to 4 days

40 episodes in a week
Who killed Laura Palmer?
Who shot JR?
Grab a bag of Doritos and marinate for -2 to 3 days

Just one little hit
Half a tab
Fifty dollars this week and then no more!
Dream a little dream and wander through wonderland for -3 to 2 days

A shot, a glass, a bottle or six
Late night runs to the store
What was his name?
Take a load off and pretend to be someone else for -4 to 1 day

Tie the curtains shut
Lock the door
Don’t answer your phone and tell all your friends, if any,
That you don’t feel well
Lie on the ground and hope the storm will pass
Your days are numbered
Your allies are few
Watch for fire from heaven and sleep for all your days