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CORIN REYBURN is from Northern then Southern California, and now finds themselves in Corvallis, Oregon where there are better trees. Corin enjoys transmuting cosmic energy, cats more than people, and the use of unconventional instruments in rock n’ roll music. Corin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Critique and is now working on an MFA in fiction, both via Oregon State University, where they also teach writing composition. Reyburn has work featured in places such as Mojo, M-BRANE SF, Subtopian Magazine, The Molotov Cocktail, Jersey Devil Press, The Gateway Review, Free Focus, Silicon Valley Debug, Clutching at Straws, and Quantum Muse, and co-produces the speculative fiction podcast SubverCity Transmit.

Corin’s debut novel The Rise of Saint Fox and The Independence, about passive warfare by means of digital commerce infiltration and the sweet sweet sounds of the electric guitar, has been released by Unsolicited Press, and is now available in paperback and Kindle from Amazon and other retailers. Reyburn is currently at work on its sequel which takes place in a high-tech agricultural society in a galaxy far far away, and another unrelated novel about a genderqueer tech geek who experiences an accidental spiritual awakening.

Get in touch with Corin at reyburnfiction [at] gmail.com.

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