Binary Stars

Binary Stars available in paperback or eBookMy sophomore novel, Binary Stars, is a story about the unlikely connection between VV—a biosynthetic android facing accidental electronic enlightenment, and Jensun—a bigender, translucent creature who almost remembers a time when his people, the Arkena, weren’t subjugated.

Soon after Jensun is placed under VV’s supervision at mTac—the agricultural facility that provides food for the entire planet of Vox—a global frost threatens to destroy their crops. The two of them must find a way to stop this cataclysm, but it sure would be easier if VV would stop updating themselves with illegal software that causes them to malfunction, and quit flirting with Jensun, who despite not wanting to care about Vox or VV, is the only one who can save both from self-destructing. And though Jensun may grudgingly find VV’s quirky glitches cute, that superiority complex of theirs—as blinding as Vox’s central star itself—makes them stardamned difficult to work with. But as the climate worsens, they’ll have to cling to their commonalities and see past their differences.

Binary Stars by Kristin Yuan Roybal can be purchased in paperback or eBook on Amazon or at your favorite retailer. ISBN: 9798817267570.