Poetry from abroad

ImageEye of the storm
Ten minutes to heaven
Abstract love and heady wine
Writers of poetry never
Sleep on airplanes
And winners of fortune never
Bet on a Wednesday
My mother was a tiger
And my father made of sand
We were all born late in winter
Never walked upon dry land
We all melted into glass
Fused together
Like a burnt and wary accident
On a Tuesday when
No one showed up for work
I was all smiles on Monday
When my father drove me home
By the weekend I was parentless
Naked and alone
I worked through all my problems
I dismissed them one by one
I was allowed to have some fun
I walked the streets at night
Ran naked in the sun

An enemy of the state
A child on the run
A dozen or so fallen by the wayside
You, for one
A basilisk, a shadow
A nymph or satyr, demon not
Truth and fiction
Beauty beyond reason
In bed I lie
In the morning I steal
For you I felt nothing
As for me, nothing was real




A bit of poetry for you today…

Cranberry bark extract
1000 milligrams and sleep for 2 to 7 days

60 reps
10 laps
90 minutes and rest for 10 to 20
5 days a week and sleep for 1 to 6 days

Ten Hail Marys
One Our Father
Begging on your knees, face to the ground
Wait for the miracle and sleep for 0 to 5 days

Breathe in
Breathe out: 1 – 2 -3 – 4
Warrior One and Ayurvedic tea
Slow down as often as possible and sleep for -1 to 4 days

40 episodes in a week
Who killed Laura Palmer?
Who shot JR?
Grab a bag of Doritos and marinate for -2 to 3 days

Just one little hit
Half a tab
Fifty dollars this week and then no more!
Dream a little dream and wander through wonderland for -3 to 2 days

A shot, a glass, a bottle or six
Late night runs to the store
What was his name?
Take a load off and pretend to be someone else for -4 to 1 day

Tie the curtains shut
Lock the door
Don’t answer your phone and tell all your friends, if any,
That you don’t feel well
Lie on the ground and hope the storm will pass
Your days are numbered
Your allies are few
Watch for fire from heaven and sleep for all your days



Faraway café

faraway cafe
Hollow reeds and empty chasms
Settle in for a long night
Rain outside and stars in our eyes
Fairy tales and daydreams
Come unglued
Tinfoil cup and paper mache
House of cards, house of clay
Past illusions finally won
Dancing and drinking til the dawn’s early light
Women grow old, memories fade
Money and time and gradual decay
You’re painted in technicolor,
you don’t miss a beat
If wishes were horses
mine would ride just as sweet
I’m all for equality
The landmine of the 60s
I’m a beggar, a liar,
a thief and a gypsy
Call me St. Valentine
The clothes suit me fine
Prince, pauper, sycophant

Poetry, Where Am I Published?

Cassius in Subtopian Magazine

CassiusA poem about parasites and ideals appears in Subtopian magazine, Vol. 3 [April 2012]. More stuff slated to appear in Subtopian soon, they’re a great new publication based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aside from being very in tune with the content–“Work must describe the in-between nature of modern society, the sub-par sensation that hides behind the routine of every day life, that feeling that we’re all waiting for what comes next…dreaming of utopia and expecting dystopia. …write about how the subtopian society will change into a better or worse version of itself. “–the design elements of the magazine are right up my alley as well. My novelette about a very absurd little subtopian world will make its appearance here next month. Glad to be a part of this pub–great people, art, and stories. Cheers guys.

– Corin


life extension haikus

I was found inadequate
By 371 lords
They worked on Wall St.
and were sterile

We tried to breed her
Every summer for the past 15 years
But then the carnival shut us down

life extension

I was down on my luck so
A fifth of Maker’s Mark and
70s sitcom reruns until sleep

What were you thinking?
A duplex, a dog, and
Ride off into the sunset?

Poetry, Where Am I Published?

White Flag in Clutching at Straws

White FlagA great online poetry publication. May be a bit partial to this piece.