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The True Unerring Secrets of Utopia

The True Unerring Secrets of UtopiaMy novelette, The True Unerring Secrets of Utopia, is in this month’s issue of Subtopian Magazine; a cautionary tale about what happens when you stay in one town for too long.

“Ed had both won and lost the Cold War. He was the local authority on everything, was there when the town was founded and when it burned down seventeen times. He didn’t care that everyone he had once known had gone missing; he never liked them anyway. Ed’s wife Sallie was an 107-year-old barmaid. She had the most perky little breasts and golden blonde hair that went on for days. They could both remember when postage stamps were 9 cents. Ed went through a period in his life where he preferred boys to girls and that’s how we got to know each other. Every time I looked at him I thought of an Old West saloon, all guns and poker and whiskey you could run your car on. I used to fantasize that he owned a cathouse and that I worked for him and was his favorite. You’d think he would chew tobacco a lot and barbeque hot dogs but he was a vegetarian. I never really knew Ed. He was a permanent resident in town but he always seemed to be away on vacation.”

Read the rest here if you desire, and have a gander at some of the other great stories, poems and articles housed in Vol. 4.

– Corin

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Cassius in Subtopian Magazine

CassiusA poem about parasites and ideals appears in Subtopian magazine, Vol. 3 [April 2012]. More stuff slated to appear in Subtopian soon, they’re a great new publication based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Aside from being very in tune with the content–“Work must describe the in-between nature of modern society, the sub-par sensation that hides behind the routine of every day life, that feeling that we’re all waiting for what comes next…dreaming of utopia and expecting dystopia. …write about how the subtopian society will change into a better or worse version of itself. “–the design elements of the magazine are right up my alley as well. My novelette about a very absurd little subtopian world will make its appearance here next month. Glad to be a part of this pub–great people, art, and stories. Cheers guys.

– Corin


Night Shade books

Night ShadeIf it’s not from Japan, quality sci-fi in recent years seems to come out of Night Shade books, I now dream of someday being included in their impressive repertoire.

As I notice more and more traditional book stores closing their doors, this article with Night Shade’s Jeremy Lassen discussing the future of book buying seems particularly relevant. I suppose I’m from the last generation that loves the paperback–I can’t seem to get on board with the whole e-book thing. Being a sometimes graphic designer, I love paper, I love type, and to me seeing my work in print is far more satisfying than seeing it in any digital format. How do you feel about it?

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Endangered Species in M-BRANE SF

M-Brane #30Howdy there,

A lovely publication called M-BRANE SF has included a short speculative fiction piece of mine called “Endangered Species”. You can download a free pdf of the issue here. Lots of other great stories here too, much thanks to the editor, Chris Fletcher, for all the time and hard work he obviously puts into this magazine. Being a writer whose work doesn’t always fall neatly into straight-up sci-fi or literary genres, I really love how M-BRANE leans toward cross-genre work, and pieces which are more cerebral and character-driven rather than gimmicky.

“Endangered Species” is a story about what happens when you spend too much time on the internet. It’s only two pages long, so have a quick read and enjoy!

– Corin

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Human Resources in Quantum Muse

This infrastructure could use a bit of work, but short story Human Resources is this week’s featured Flash Fiction on Quantum Muse.

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White Flag in Clutching at Straws

White FlagA great online poetry publication. May be a bit partial to this piece.