The Rise of Saint Fox and The Independence  •  Unsolicited Press Jun 2018

Binary Stars (seeking representation)

You’ve Reached Samadhi but You Still Have to Go to Work the Next Day (in progress)

Short Stories

Separation Theory  •  Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet (as Kristin Yuan Roybal) Nov 2020

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Diamonds on My Windshield  •  Mash Stories Jul 2015

2113: An Oral History of the Last God (Anthology contributor)  •  Subtopian Press May 2015

“Absolution”  •  The Subtopian Dec 2014

The Subtopian: Selected Stories (Anthology contributor)  •  Subtopian Press Dec 2013

S.O.P.  •  The Molotov Cocktail May 2013

Generiatric Springs Resort  •  The Subtopian Nov 2012

The Highway  •  The Subtopian Nov 2012

Ichiban Marie Clairevoyant’s Soulkiller School  •  The Subtopian Sep 2012

Red Light Green Light Hotel Fairy Tale  •  The Subtopian Sep 2012

Berlin Ben’s Big Night Out  •  The Subtopian Jul 2012

Hypocrite Wedding  •  The Subtopian Jun 2012

The True Unerring Secrets of Utopia  •  The Subtopian May 2012

Endangered Species  •  MBRANE-SF Feb 2012


The Beauty of the Present Tense  •  Medium (published by Unsolicited Press) Jun 2018

Why I Write  •  1888 Center Jun 2018

“Against the Bombardment of Beauty”  •  The Choice Effect Sep 2009

“Freedom Is Slavery: The Paralysis of Choice”  •  The Choice Effect Jun 2009


Cassius  •  The Subtopian Apr 2012

White Flag  •  Clutching at Straws Nov 2011

“Tomorrow Will Be”  •  Silicon Valley De-Bug May 2005